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Impudia's goal is to make sure that every member of the team is working to his full potential by making sure that they work with passion and determination. Once every individual on the team is working on what they like best they are linked together in order to develop the best product possible.

Step 1:
Every human has passion or interest on a certain subject, which enables them to work on that subject with much more determination and for longer periods of time. Therefore our first step is to gather individuals that have a passion for different elements that are required to develop a video game.

Step 2:
When a member is introduced to the company, it is our job to determine his lifetime goals and motivations so that they are always taken into consideration. At Impudia we believe that every member is crucial to the well being of the team therefore it is important to make sure that every worker knows the benefits of working for us and never forgetting his goals and dreams.

Step 3:

Knowing that every individual is working to his full potential, the next step is to integrate the talent and imagination in order to develop more interesting and creative products that are bound to be financially viable for the company but most importantly it is a product that our costumers can enjoy and be engaged by.

Step 4:
Even after a certain product has been developed and distributed, perhaps the biggest step is the fourth one, on this step is where every individual analyzes the pros and cons of the development. It is important to learn from the inevitable mistakes, Acknowledging our mistakes is whats going to make us better for future productions.

 Wings Academy

Check out Impudia Games Latest Game: Wings Academy (Now available on the Android Market)

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